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Welcome to White Falcon Petroleum Technologies AG web pages.

White Falcon Petroleum Technologies is a Swiss company that provides tailor-made exploration and extended oil recovery (EOR) solutions for the oil and gas industry. It’s a privately held company incorporated in Switzerland.

White Falcon employs a team of experienced and skilled specialists and scientists, and works for the industry’s most prominent names. White Falcon’s two main technologies are H-Waves and Terra Seise.

Exploration technologies

Terra Siese Remote

Terra Ex Remote

¾ of the principle of this method is the complex systematic analysis of the surface via satellite images and available geological or geophysical data…

Terra Siese Direct

Terra Siese Direct

Terra Seise directly detects hydrocarbon presence and depth or location…



High Resolution Electric Survey   with Induced Polarisation measurement…



Ultra Precise Gravimetry  (UPG) is unique technology of ultra precise gravimetric detection of oil and gas deposits …

Enhenced Oil Recovery (EOR) & Production Enhencement  Technologies



H-wave is an EOR recovery method that utilizes effects of Hydraulic wave propagation through hydrocarbon reservoir


A new generation of impulse stimulation tool for fracturing

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